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The Best Under Cabinet Lighting

A remarkable design invention, which is in great demand among our clients - LED under cabinet lights. These little elegant people's "friends" significantly improve the comfort of his home, save electricity and time, unobtrusively help solve numerous household problems. They are installed in places of local access - in wardrobes, under bookcases, cupboards, in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways (where additional lighting is required). Marc Led has a wide range of under cabinet lights which can be used for decorative purposes, highlighting details of the interior (in niches with the decor, near aquariums, above panels and paintings).

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We are experts in:

  • LED tapes
  • aluminium channel extrusions
  • aluminium profiles for LED lighting
  • constant drivers for LED
  • constant voltage LED drivers
  • customized LED lights
  • dimmable electronic transformers
  • dimmable electronic transformers
  • dimmable LED driver
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